Double Garage


The Double Garage is a stand- alone two car garage. It is a simple design to make an affordable choice to park two full size vehicles, or to allow that much needed space you have been looking for to do your winter projects. 


What does the Double Garage Package include? 


Walls: 2X6 construction with 10' tall exterior walls and Pre-primed T1-11 siding. 


Roof: The roof is made with engineered trusses with plywood roof sheathing, tar paper, drip edge and standard architectural black shingles.


Doors and Windows: This model comes with a 9'X7' garage door and a 10'X7' garage door (installed by a professional) as well as a 36" man door and one contractor grade window.  


Trim: The 4 corners of the building as well as doors and windows are trimmed on the exterior of the building. 


Exclusions: This package is a Rough-In Shell and does not include any: Dirt work, concrete work, Plumbing, Electrical, Insulation, sheetrock, Painting or Finish Work. (These options are available but are not included in this package price. These items are custom quotes and are not listed on our website.)


Attention: The Double Garage package does not include a poured slab or foundaton work.


Because of the different soil types that we deal with in Alaska and the wide range of areas around Fairbanks where we work there is no way for us to list an accurate price on the slab work. This is a custom quote and cannot be quoted without a site inspection. 


All slabs must be built to our specifications or approved by us in order for us to use them for our buildings. 

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